Voted Orlando’s Top IV Spa for Four Consecutive Years!

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Enhance Your Biology, Achieve Your Optimal Well-Being.

Discover the transformative benefits of Vitalounge, Orlando’s Best IV Spa for four consecutive years. Our award-winning IV treatments, meticulously crafted with premium nutrients, are designed to rejuvenate your health at a cellular level.
Each infusion is customized to meet your unique wellness goals, ensuring you unlock your healthiest self with every visit. Enhance your well-being with our comprehensive range of services, including advanced lab testing for personalized care.

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Vita is Life

Experience the perfect blend of science and nature with Vitalounge’s precision IV therapy and well-being treatments. Our expert team provides tailored IV infusions, vitamin injections, and weight management solutions to revive, strengthen, and enhance your best self. 

We make achieving optimal health easy and accessible—elevate your everyday life by simply walking in and unlocking your potential on your terms.

Voted #1 IV Spa

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Enhance Your Core Well-Being with Vitacore

Smiling man feeling revitalized after Vitacore infusion IV therapy
Smiling man feeling revitalized after Vitacore infusion IV therapy
Introducing Vitacore
Infusion Therapy

Experience the pinnacle of well-being with Vitacore. Our infusion membership delivers a monthly boost of 12 premium, bioavailable nutrients tailored to meet your unique wellness goals. With exclusive member pricing and unparalleled flexibility, Vitacore ensures you achieve your optimal self with every visit. Discover the ultimate in personalized well-being and elevate your health journey today.

Membership Benefits
  • Vitahealth Nutrients12 Super Nutrients
  • Vitahealth MyBodyVitahealth MyBody App
  • Vitahealth PricingAt Home Pricing
  • Vitahealth MemberUnlimited Member Pricing
  • Vitahealth FlexibilityMore Flexibility
  • Vitahealth ConsultationConsultation
  • Additional VitacoreAdditional Vitacore Bags For $99

At Vitalounge, our mission is to make your well-being accessible and personalized. Our expert team is dedicated to understanding your unique health goals and crafting a customized journey to help you achieve your optimal self.

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How does Vitalounge work?

Vitalounge harnesses your cellular power along with state of the art well-being treatments
to reset your well-being, prevent disease, and unlock your best living.